Philly Nation Trucker Hat with Snapback

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Buy the dopest Philly Trucker Hat with Snapback for 29.00$!

It’s rare to hear native Philadelphians use the full name of their city, they would almost automatically say Philly! Philadelphia’s culture is unique in the United States and one of the most diverse on the East Coast! While some people would think about a sandwich when they hear “Philly” (the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich), some would think about sports (the Eagles, the Sixers of Julius Erving and Allen Iverson) or about music (Meek Mill for instance). Philly stands for a different thing for anyone, but it will always represent the soul of Philadelphia and its people!

Be about the Philly state of mind with our top-quality Philly snapback and be proud of your city!

  • Made in the USA by The Nation Clothing
  • One size that fits almost all heads
  • 100% polyester foam for highest quality and durability
  • The hat has structured design with high profile
  • Plastic snapback closure
  • Design added by embroidery directly on the snapback hat