About Us

The Nation Clothing is an independant clothing brand created in 2018 that focuses on producing Made in the USA apparel and designs. Fascinated by the United States and its unique diversity, we spent as much time as we could visiting and studying the country.

The company is based in New York and all the clothing produced in Detroit, Michigan!

The purpose of the brand is to be the first one to represent everyone! Representing 50 different American States and more than 300 US Cities (all cities that have more than 100.000 population in the whole country!), you’re almost sure to find your place on The Nation Clothing.

We want to insist on how fascinating the United States are as a country, with all states having their own culture and identity, all cities having their own language and specifics…

And mostly, we want to make sure anyone can represent their home state and hometown with pride!

We truly believe our differences are our strength!


The Nation Clothing

8859 White Street
Bronx, New York, 10453


(the store is online only)