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When it comes to clothing, the 2 secrets are simplicity and displaying your personal identity! And where you come from or where you live is an important part of your identity! It somehow makes you part of a unique nation by itself!

Simplicity is always the best answer when it comes to fashion! With their simple and straight to the point designs, our Los Angeles apparel just go to the essential: the pride of being from your state and your hometown! From Santa Monica to Venice, your hometown is your blood and your identity, it’s one of the things that defines you and your personal story!

And what’s stronger than being from Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is the most fascinating and shining city of the United States and probably the most iconic of California and the whole West Coast. Called the City of Angels, La La Land or even the City of Dreams, it represents the American Dream and makes everyone envy its population around the world. That's why we designed those Los Angeles clothing to pay homage to this magnificent city and its differents sides!

Rock the name of your city or your state with top-quality Los Angeles hoodies made by The Nation Clothing and display where you belong!