Top 10 Touristic attractions in the United States

Top 10 Touristic attractions in the United States

To many people, the United States is the land of their dreams, with its incredible history and diversity of landscapes! There is no wonder then that the United States comes with so many touristic attractions. In this article, we shall be ranking the top ten touristic attractions in the United States!


1.      The Grand Canyon

Located in Arizona, the Grand Canyon is simply a place of pure unadulterated beauty. Shaped by the presence of the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon falls deep down in the landscape. Because of this, it creates cliff walls which can be breathtaking to watch. The Grand Canyon is loved by many people in America. It is not surprising then that it is one of the most visited places in America. The South rim which is highly favored among the visitors is blessed with so many vantage points which allow visitors to see far into the wonder that is the Grand Canyon. It is simply awe-inspiring.


grand canyon


2.      The Statue of Liberty

If there is one thing that buttresses the freedom that citizens of America are used to and demand, it is the statue of Liberty. Located in New York City, it is one of the most popular statues and tourist attraction in the world. The statue of liberty is known to stand at about 152 feet and is located in the New York Harbor.

The statue of liberty is positioned in such a way that it can be viewed from various points. However, many people have found Battery Park to have an especially pleasing view to the eye. Others have preferred to take a boat or ferry to where the statute has been mounted. Regardless of the option which you prefer, the statue of liberty is simply too striking to forget.


liberty statue


3.      The Niagara Falls

Where would tourism be in America without the presence of the Niagara Falls? The Niagara Falls has often been described to be one of the finest heart-stopping waterfalls in the world. One amazing thing about the Niagara Falls is the fact that it is formed by three different waterfalls. These are the Horseshoe Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and the American Falls. It is certainly a blessing for the United States and their neighbors Canada. The Niagara Falls is located just between or along the border between the United States and Canada. It is located in New York State!


niagara falls


4.      Times Square

If you have heard about flashing billboards, then you must have heard about Times Square. Times Square is where most of the fun things happen such as the countdown into the New Year. Times Square is always filled with so many people. You can simply feel the energy come alive when you are right at the intersections. Located right at the very core of Manhattan, New York, Times Square is simply one of the best places to be during the night. The view is simply awesome and should not be missed!


times square


5.      The Walt Disney World Resort

One of the biggest amusement parks in the world, the Walt Disney World resort is at the very top when it comes to family attractions. There is just something amazing about this amusement park that draws people of all ages and genders towards it. Located in Orlando, Florida and open since 1971, the amusement park has managed to solidify its position as a household name in America. There are so many things to do in this amusement park. Some of them would include the beautiful water parks and playing golf. You could also decide to hit the theaters or simply go for dinner. Regardless of what you choose, you are almost sure to have a wonderful time at the Disney World Resort.


walt disney world


6.      Waikiki Beach

Popularly considered to be the most beautiful beach in the Pacific, the Waikiki beach is simply mesmerizing. It is not surprising then that for years, it has held its status as a tourist attraction in the United States. For most people, the Waikiki can be considered to be a modern paradise mixed with traces of civilization. The beach is further enhanced by the wonderful display of palm trees. From shopping in the malls just behind this beach to surfing in the cool waters, life could never be better in this extraordinary beach situated in Honolulu, Hawaii.




7.      The Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas strip is often described as an adult amusement park. This is because of the so many recreations that are available. You can expect to find to find imitations of the Eiffel Tower and Venice’s Canals in all its glory. The most amazing part about the Las Vegas Strip is the fact that most of these awesome recreations can be seen completely for free. The Las Vegas Strip which is situated in Las Vegas is a place which everyone should see.


las vegas strip


8.      The Arch of St Louis

The arch of St. Louis would quickly catch your eye if you happen to find yourself in Missouri. When seen in the mid-day sun, it also seems to be gleaming and looking glorious. In the night, it looks elegant and illuminates the entire area close by. The arch of St. Louis is simply elegant, artistic and symbolic all at once. It is also remarkable since the structure has been in existence right from the 1960s. How incredible that is!


arch of st louis


9.      San Antonio River Walk

If you are looking for a place to eat a meal and just be alone, then you would certainly find the San Antonio River Walk to be very well suited to your mind and heart. This is an area which is filled with different restaurants and places to eat. You are likely to see a lot of fine sumptuous cuisines on display. The San Antonio River Walk has everything you would dream of. From little boats to the beautiful trees guiding the river, you can be sure to find the San Antonio River Walk very appealing.

Entertainment is also a core part here as many musical events have been held in the San Antonio River Walk. It is situated in San Antonio, Texas


san antonio river walk


10. The Yellowstone National Park

One of the ancient volcanoes in America once has a serious landslide. While many people felt this would have ended in disaster, the outcome was quite glorious. That event led to the Yellowstone River which is a mixture of Geysers and heated springs. This, when combined with waterfalls, makes the Yellowstone one of the most active tourist sites in America. The National Park coincidentally is also one of the oldest parks in the country. You can expect to find other animals in this park such as black bears and bighorn sheep. If you do visit Wyoming or some part of Montana or Idaho, you should ensure you stop by for some amazing views and one of the best experiences of your life.


yellowstone park


Here are the top ten tourist attractions in the United States! Make no mistakes; there are so many more beautiful sights in America which are worth seeing. Seeing these attractions would have a profound effect on you. It might just make you start seeing life as we know it in a completely new light!

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